Telemetrics Introduces the OmniGlide Roving Camera Pedestal

Telemetrics has introduced the OmniGlide Roving Camera Platform, which features a three-point-contact design for tripod-like stability while enabling the pedestal to turn more sharply and smoothly.

Telemetrics said the smooth turns are due to omni-directional, electro-mechanical servo-motors integrated into the pedestal base. With three modes of operation — Robotic Control, Manual Crabbing and Manual Free Roam — this roving pedestal also utilizes advanced software and XY sensors to aid in its unmanned operation.

The OmniGlide Platform’s internal servo control system governs how smoothly the pedestal moves. An independent drive design is programmed to auto-compensate for anomalies in the floor and maintain a constant speed that is undetectable to the viewer at home.

This servo system constantly monitors the speed of the pedestal. To counteract unleveled floors, the OmniGlide Platform uses its three-point floor contact design to aid with on-air stability. If it encounters less than perfect operation, it will immediately compensate by sending more power to the wheels to maintain smooth motion.

With the OmniGlide Platform’s new XY scanners, the roving pedestal can “learn” the room’s physical details and auto-correct for its position and orientation, avoiding obstructions without operator intervention and ensuring crew safety. An optional feature offers users the ability to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that allow the pedestal to analyze its surrounding environment and correct itself automatically by learning the studio parameters.

The OmniGlide Platform also features “Active Position Correction,” which allows the roving pedestal to self-correct its own orientation, using XY data from the scanners. Optional infrared cameras can also be integrated into the pedestal to provide absolute positioning by pointing at strategically placed reflectors on the studio ceiling.

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