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Padcaster Introduces Verse at NAB

Padcaster has debuted Verse, a simple, completely modular system that turns any smartphone into a professional mobile video production tool.

Padcaster said the core of the Verse system is the compact Verse Grip that allows the user to securely lock in any smartphone with or without a case. The three built-in cold shoes are ideal for mounting microphones, lights and other accessories.

The Verse product line also features the Verse Cage, a military-grade aluminum cage and mount that provides added functionality. The Verse Cage comes equipped with an integrated dual tripod mount that allows the device to attach to a tripod with no additional hardware.

The versatility and modularity of the system gives users the option to attach the Verse Grip and smartphone inside the Cage to utilize the 12 standard mounting threads around the Cage to attach additional accessories; or, when not shooting with a smartphone, the Verse Cage can be utilized as a DSLR cage.

“The ability to use a handheld mobile device to shoot professional video opens up a whole world of possibilities,” said Padcaster founder and CEO, Josh Apter. “We carry our phones with us everywhere, and the portability of the Verse makes it easy to shoot quality video anytime, anywhere.”

For added support and stabilization, the kit includes the 3-in-1 X-Pod. A small yet powerful mini tripod and pistol grip combo, the X-Pod is also a 3200MaH power bank to keep the device charged. Another option for stabilization is the ultra-flexible G-Pod, a ball-style handle grip and tripod with a claw ball head in one.

Also included is the self-powered Padcaster Mini Mic. With both TRS cable and TRRS output cable included, the Mini Mic fits perfectly on the Verse Grip and Cage making it the ideal microphone to capture high quality audio while on-the-go. The Mini Mic also includes both a shock mount and a windscreen.

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