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Clear-Com Demos New IP Intercom Platform

Clear-Com’s central highlight on the first day of the 2018 NAB Show was a ‘Technology Demonstration’ of a new IP platform for its major intercom systems. The IP Transceiver (IPT) is designed to work with the FreeSpeak II wireless communications range but can work with the Eclipse HX digital matrix through AES67 and the second new introduction, the E-IPA connection card.

Clear-Com E-IPA card

Clear-Com E-IPA card

The Clear-Com IPT runs on 1.9GHz and connects over IP networks. It is able to create a fully networked wireless connection using belt packs equipped with the feature running on a LAN (local area network). Current FreeSpeak II users will be able to upgrade existing systems by loading on suitable firmware.

A key part of the IPT platform is its native AES67 capability. By being compatible with the universal audio over IP (AoIP) interoperability standard, transceivers are able to connect to the Eclipse HX matrix offering the E-IPA high density audio and intercom over IP card. The E-IPA is similarly AES67 native and is also ready for the recently ratified SMPTE ST2110-30 standard (which incorporates AES67 for audio operations alongside new video over IP recommendations).

The E-IPA card will have a selection of port options - 16, 32 and 48 - and is able to work with three of the Eclipse HX matrices, the Delta, Median and Omega. The Delta will support a total of three E-IPA cards, while the Median and Omega can each accommodate up to four. A single E-IPA card will be capable of working with 64 IPTs and 64 FreeSpeak II wireless belt packs over an AES67 IP network.

The IPT will have a capacity to run up to ten FreeSpeak II belt packs, which is double the amount currently supported by the existing FreeSpeak transceiver. When installed on a LAN, IPTs will be able to create one or more zones for wireless connectivity. "With the new IP Transceivers, FreeSpeak II users now have more options with their wireless systems," says Simon Browne, vice president of Clear-Com. "By allowing the IPTs to connect over AES IP networks we are providing an additional option for addressing customers' ever-shifting intercom requirements."

IPT has not as yet received FCC authorisation but will be demonstrated, alongside the E-IPA, working with the Eclipse-HX on Booth C6908 during the NAB Show.

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