SmallHD Introduce Focus OLED Five-Inch 1080p Touchscreen Monitor

At NAB, SmallHD will debut its affordable Focus OLED five-inch, 1080p camera-top monitor. It combines the color and contrast performance of OLED technology with the convenience of a touchscreen user interface.

The SmallHD Focus OLED has a sharp, 1920x1080 resolution, wide-color gamut display. With edge-to-edge bonded glass, integrated battery slot and included SmallHD Tilt Arm mounting solution, OLED has never been this accessible.

Similar to the original SmallHD Focus monitor, this model has the ability to power small DSLR and mirrorless cameras. With one Sony L Series battery, users of many small format cameras can power both the monitor and their camera, thanks to the monitor’s 7.2 volt power output.

The Focus OLED is equipped with SmallHD’s OS3 software suite. Professional tools like Waveform, Vectorscope, False Color and Focus Assist are accessible and customizable. The monitor is available with either a Micro HDMI input or a full-size SDI input.

Both options include an integrated Sony L Series battery slot, 7.2 volt power output, ⅛-inch stereo mini-plug for monitoring audio and a full-size SD card slot for loading real-time 3D LUTs.

Weighing nine ounces, the Focus OLED provides a sharp image without adding bulk. The 5.5-inch, 1080p display has an expansive contrast ratio (60,000:1), 350 nits brightness, over 400 pixels per inch and a wide color gamut (105% NTSC).

The Focus OLED HDMI is priced at $699, while the SDI version is $799.

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