Prime Focus Adds GreyMeta / Adobe Integration to Clear MAM

PFT has added GrayMeta’s AI functionality and integrated Adobe Premiere Pro CC to its flagship product, CLEAR Media ERP.

The collaboration with GrayMeta will help users use AI techniques like face detection, speech-to-text, location detection, and brand recognition to make content discovery far quicker and simpler. This will help them create compelling stories from vast content repositories with significantly faster turnaround time.

Vimalesh Melwani, vp, Product Management, PFT, said, “Our collaboration with GrayMeta, which also plays the role of an aggregator, will enable M&E companies to identify relevant content around any given theme with higher accuracy, help optimize and automate complex business processes, and tap new revenue generation opportunities.”

Josh Wiggins, Chief Commercial Officer, GrayMeta added, “With automation and consolidation on the rise, companies are seeking innovative solutions like CLEAR Media ERP to help manage their content better.”

The integration of Clear with Adobe Premiere Pro CC enables work order driven task management for editorial, QC and mastering. What makes the enhancements significant is the management of editorial, mastering and QC tasks that use the Adobe Premiere Pro CC workflow,” says Melwani. “A special mention for sporting events where this Panel aids live playback to air, of stories built using a combination of segments of growing files from live video sources and archives.”

In an industry first, PFT says Clear Media ERP offers one tool to perform end-to-end QC operations on a single platform. This includes performing manual QC; reviewing AQC faults in Premiere Pro timeline; automatic QC data entry and high-resolution playback over SDI; QC override reviews in the Premiere Pro timeline; and content segmentation.

“The enhanced feature provides content creators with transformational capabilities that help decrease time-to-market and lower Total Cost of Operations by automating business processes around content and improved content management,” added Melwani.

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