Molden Media Displays Data Driven Graphics at NAB 2018

Molden Media is combining with partner to provide a data-driven automated graphics system for European soccer matches.

Molden Media will be demonstrating a fully automated sports graphics workflow at the NAB Show 2018 that is based on data provided by Sportradar. As Thomas Molden, owner of Molden Media, told me during our pre-NAB 2018 interview, using Molden’s own template-based M2Control playout platform, the live data is organized and forwarded to the real time front end of and sent to online TV and Web streaming.

“The application is optimized for soccer matches,” he said. “It knows exactly when the game starts, defines which graphics will be needed, and combines them with the live video feed. This gets sent via a live encoder to the cloud and then with a combination of prepared timeline and events coming from the Sportradar data package, the M2Control playout platform enables web broadcasts of complete games to be totally automated.”

beIN Sports headquarters in Qatar has installed M2Control to manage graphics events across all 32 of its channels.

beIN Sports headquarters in Qatar has installed M2Control to manage graphics events across all 32 of its channels.

The compositions were designed by Reality Check, and the installation we will see at the NAB Show 2018 will deploy the Ventuz real time engine to create virtual graphics.

On the backend side, M2Control can communicate efficiently with automation systems such as Pebble Beach, and will also be demonstrating how the system can be used by other live productions such as shopping channels.

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