​1 Beyond Has A New Shared Storage Solution

The 1 Beyond EzSAN X is targeting small to medium size post-production work groups to share assets and work directly off shared storage.

“The development of the EzSAN X was driven by a gap in the product offerings from other storage vendors,” says Terry Cullen, CEO and Founder of 1 Beyond. “Editors had to choose between storage with SATA drives and other consumer-grade components with little support from manufacturers, and higher-end, enterprise-level storage that is more robust but complicated and much more expensive. The EzSAN X fills this void at a fraction of the cost making the workflow benefits of a SAN affordable to all.”

The product can be configured to start small and scale over time. The design includes all combinations of SAS drives from 2 to 12TBs and configurations from 8 to 24 disks which yields 16 to 288TBs in the base unit and the ability to expand to greater than 1PB. The 8 and 12 disk configurations are partially loaded 16 bay units for easy expansion.

Users connect directly to the EzSAN X via 1Gb, 10Gb or 40Gb connections. Up to 38 direct connections are supported with each user getting dedicated bandwidth for real-time multi-stream editing. Additional users can connect via a network switch.

Other features include automatic disk failure recovery, quiet hot-swap fans, hot-swap disks, redundant power supplies, a redundant path SAS backplane and e-mail notifications in case of failure or status change.

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