Skyline Communications Shows Enhanced DataMiner For Orchestration

At the 2018 NAB Show, Skyline Communications will release the latest version of its DataMiner Service and Resource Management (SRM) suite, which combines new task-specific features for automation, orchestration and service performance monitoring for the broadcast, media and service provider industry. The new solution provides accelerated service design, deployment and assurance with simplified, consistent and predictable operation during the entire service life cycle.

In announcing the new version, Skyline said that automation and orchestration have quickly evolved to become among the most strategic operational assets for any broadcaster, network operator or service provider. But while operators understand the key strategic value of powerful and flexible end-to-end orchestration, they have often been struggling to make operational transformations a reality, mainly because of proprietary and vendor-specific tools that create operational silos.

The DataMiner SRM solution also fully adheres to devops practices, so new services can be modeled, created and tested on the fly while others are running and being monitored by DataMiner in production. To meet SLA levels in today’s all-IP and virtualized infrastructures, end-to-end resource and capacity management has become table stakes in all aspects of operations. For this reason, any service state change, whether deployed in real time or scheduled ahead of time, is fully checked against available and capable resources, such as network capacity, data center capacity, bandwidth, CPU cores and cycles, memory, and much more. With DataMiner SRM, operators can no longer erroneously plan for mistakes.

A wide variety of capabilities within DataMiner SRM allow operators to create a consolidated service catalog with an intuitive built-in graphical editor, configure service levels and profiles, tailor the behavior of life cycle automation needs, and schedule the activation of a service to their exact requirements and as dictated by the business. DataMiner continuously takes care of resource and capacity verification and forecasting throughout the process.

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