Saarländischer Rundfunk Improves Broadcasts With A New Lawo Console

Although currently still under construction, radio programs produced in the Studio Eins (Studio One) control room at German public broadcaster Saarländischer Rundfunk (SR) are already benefitting from the use of a Lawo mc²96 production mixing console.

All of SR’s radio live broadcasts and concert recordings originate in Studio Eins—the so-called “Event Studio.” In addition to podium discussions, the studio hosts jazz as well as regular radio concerts and unplugged sessions with popular artists. These productions are used for radio broadcast and CD releases. In addition, mobile productions and external concert recordings are edited in Studio Eins.

Integrated via Ravenna networking technology (which includes AES67 support), the new Lawo mc²96 Grand Production Console is equipped with 40 faders–the frame can accommodate a further 16 faders—and is configured for 184 DSP channels (up to 888 possible DSP channels). It has a routing capacity of 8192x8192 mono channels and supports from 44.1-96kHz operation. For maximum I/O flexibility in the studio, a Lawo Digital Audio Line Level Interface Systems (DALLIS) frame is available with AoIP options and a Lawo Nova router.

Local I/O provides full connectivity with 16 high-quality mic/line inputs, 16 line outputs, eight AES3 inputs and outputs, eight GPIOs plus a local MADI port (SFP). A built-in switch provides four Ethernet ports with network connectivity via two redundant SMPTE2110/AES67/RAVENNA ports with seamless protection switching.

SR’s console features a range of innovative mix-assist systems, allowing the sound engineers to focus on balance and sound quality – such as Automix, which automatically adjusts the levels of active and inactive microphones while maintaining a consistent, natural-sounding ambience.

In addition, the mc²96 has an integrated high-quality Loudness Metering with Loudness Control in accordance with Europe’s ITU 1770 (EBU/R128 or ATSC/A85) standard. The Loudness Metering can measure full transmission busses and individual channels, allowing for quick and convenient “visual” mixing in multi-microphone setups. Operators get access to the various features via the mc²96 console’s 21.5 HD touchscreens and mini-color TFTs in the channel strips and touch-sensitive color-coded knobs.

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