Avid Connect Gives Feedback at NAB 2018

Avid Connect is the annual meeting of the Avid Customer Association just before the NAB Show. This year, Avid is offering a special discount off the registration fee just to readers of The Broadcast Bridge.

For the past 5 years, the Avid Customer Association (ACA) has provided a crucial year long conduit for Avid users to provide feedback to one of the titans of post production by voting on major issues affecting the future of our industry.

This year, during a 2 ½ day session from April 6-8 at the Wynn Las Vegas preceding the NAB Show 2018, a core group of the ACA will gather for its annual meeting at Avid Connect to learn about and discuss the results of the second annual ACA vote.

“Members of Avid Connect come from a wide array of media tech professionals, from editors to audio specialists to graphic designers and hiring professionals to name just a few,” Keli Callaghan, senior director of field marketing and customer engagement at Avid, who has been with the ACA since its inception in September 2013, told me during our exclusive pre-NAB interview. “Right from the beginning, the idea was to get everyone to sit at the same table, look at the challenges and opportunities we all face, and see how we want to steer the industry for the benefit of all of us.”

Avid Connect is more than just networking. It's decision making too.

Avid Connect is more than just networking. It's decision making too.

Recognizing that the ACA is a prime source of crowd-based market research, Avid does contribute some funding toward its support. But the community has also gathered almost 40 outside sponsors ranging from Microsoft to HP to Dolby.

This year, Avid Connect will be co-located with the 7th annual Devoncroft Executive Summit on April 8th that brings together thought leaders from all aspects of the media technology ecosystem.

Devoncroft is actually underwriting the execution of this year’s ACA vote that deals with emerging technology trends.

And just think--this is only a prelude to the NAB Show 2018.

And just think--this is only a prelude to the NAB Show 2018.

The results of the 2017 vote are available to any member of the ACA, but to give you an idea of how sweeping they are and how consequential the results can be, 8,000 participants from 109 countries voted on 23 categories. The results were posted by stack ranking, and, most significantly, the action responses from Avid were all included.

For example, under the item “Creative Applications--Audio Mixing/Music Recording”, the #1 request was “New Post workflows—folder tracks, multiple sessions open at one time.”

Avid’s response? “In Queue.”

In “Creative Applications: Video Editing (Media Composer)”, #1 was “Background Save - Ability to work uninterrupted while the app is constantly saving.”

Avid’s response? “In Queue for 2018.”

For “Workflow Solutions and Key Application Requirements: Sports Production Workflow.”

What people wanted was, "Ability to Edit While Capture - Enable low latency edit-while-capture workflow with PlayMaker™, Interplay, Avid NEXIS, and Media Composer" 

Avid’s response? “Already Released.”  

There will be far more industry feedback in the results of the 2018 ACA voter poll and Avid is offering a special $100 discount off the current registration cost to readers of The Broadcast Bridge who want to attend this year’s Avid Connect sessions to discuss them and share their input. 

Just go to www.avidconnect2018.com/register and enter BRIDGE in the discount code on the payments tab of the registration page. 

It’s kind of nice to know that someone out there is listening!

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