London’s Version 2 Rental House Acquires Litepanels Soft Panel Fixtures

Litepanels said that Version 2, a U.K.-based broadcast equipment rental house, has added a significant number of its Gemini soft panel lights to its inventory. In this major purchase, Version 2 has adopted Gemini as its multi-function lighting solution for both studio and on-location projects.

"Having been in the TV lighting industry for many years — I'm quick to identify workhorses," said Nick Edwards, managing director atVersion 2. "We did a thorough assessment of the market for LED soft lights and conducted numerous lighting trials, but only Gemini met all our requirements for a versatile multi-application fixture with full color mixing."

Litepanels’ Gemini raises the bar for professional lighting by delivering a wide, soft, flicker-free light source in a highly portable, 2x1 form factor. Gemini's flexible and precise color adjustment removes the need for color correction by offering full-spectrum white light that is ideal for lighting talent and rendering exceptional color.

At Version 2, the new Gemini lights will serve as alternatives for traditional "space lights" for top-lighting of large areas and will provide color-adjustable cyclorama (CYC) lighting in light entertainment studios. While the Gemini units will be used predominately as 2900k or 5600k soft lights, the LED panels' unlimited color adjustment opens up possibilities for their use in audience lighting and set-washing.

Version 2 also stocks Litepanels' Astra 1x1 bicolor panels, which have rapidly become the go-to lights for ENG work and small studios and a solid favorite of gaffers, lighting directors and directors of photography. 

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