Globecast Asia Selects DataMiner Software For Automated Subtitle And Uplink Monitoring

Globecast Asia has installed the Skyline Communications’ DataMiner to automatically check subtitles as well as to monitor uplinks and multiple satellite transponders.

In multilingual Asia, subtitles are key to a channel’s success. In many countries, watching a program without local language subtitles often causes a viewer to switch off. With Globecast Asia’s growing number of customers, installing a proactive, automated system that allows detailed subtitle monitoring was essential.

Skyline Communications' DataMiner, which features customizable file-based process management capabilities, monitors the availability of subtitles against the scheduled playlist three days before the transmission. Operators are alerted about missing subtitles attached to a scheduled program and can take action accordingly. It also checks subtitles on-air, provides an audio-visual alarm in those rare cases where subtitles are missing, and prompts for manual intervention.

DataMiner also surveys multiple transponders and associated uplinks at Globecast Asia. The system scans them periodically and alerts operators of anomalies. It provides return path monitoring across multiple antennas and key equipment, including modulators, HPAs, LNB controllers, etc., topped off with full RF signal spectrum monitoring. All operational data is presented via intuitive graphics, powered by a unique operator interface.

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