OWC Offers iMac Pro Memory Upgrade

Other World Computing (OWC) is now offering memory upgrades for all models of the Apple 2017 iMac Pro. The memory is available in two alternatives, installed at OWC or do-it-yourself installation.

OWC said for its upgrade program, owners send their iMac Pro to OWC and OWC does the rest. Upon receipt of the iMac Pro, an OWC technician will install up to 128GB of OWC Memory and ship the upgraded unit back to the owner. It’s available from $1,099.00 plus shipping.

For experienced technicians and service centers, there is a DIY upgrade available from $949.00, which allows up to 128GB of OWC Memory to be installed. All kits include adhesive strips to reinstall the display.

Memory Upgrade Kits include:

—64GB Kit (16GB x 4) OWCDID2627DS64T Replace all memory for a total of 64GB $949.00

—128GB Kit (32GB x 4) OWCDID2627DS128 Replace all memory for a total of 128GB $1,899

—128GB Kit (64GB x 2) OWCDID2427DP128 Replace all memory for a total of 128GB, and leave two slots open for future memory up grades $1,899

MacSales.com offers OWC memory upgrades for most current and past Apple notebook and desktop computer manufactured during the past two decades, including iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro.

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