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Harmonic announces VOS Software Cluster for OTT and IPTV infrastructure

Video delivery technology vendor Harmonic has unveiled the latest version of its VOS Software Cluster, aimed at unifying origination and delivery for OTT and IPTV services.

Harmonic's VOS SW Cluster is a software package that combines media processing, including ingest, playout, compression, encryption, packaging, and origin, while supporting both cloud environments and dedicated data centre hardware. It is designed for use by service or content providers of all sizes on any platform for the origination and delivery of IPTV and OTT services, according to the company.

Apart from scalability, the main selling point is the independence of underlying infrastructure, allowing operators to switch between traditional data centre computing using off the shelf IT components, public clouds such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, or internally-built private clouds. The aim is to ensure consistent functionality across all deployment environments. The much over-used word seamless is inevitably used in the promotional literature, which in this case describes the attempt to make the operation as consistent as possible across these three platform categories, with minimal effort for operations staff.

Harmonic has also added features to help operators keep up with the latest OTT workflows, including live publishing to social media online platforms, streaming VOD from live and file sources, Ultra-HD OTT with HDR and low-latency delivery via the CMAF (Common Media Application Framework) specification. CMAF is an MPEG base standard specifying the format of media transmitted over OTT infrastructures via adaptive bit rate streaming, designed to help unify the field and converge towards a common set of technologies. By referencing CMAF, which includes ISO Base Media File Format (MPEG-4 Part 12) and Common Encryption among other components, operators can avoid some of the duplication in engineering when they deploy streaming services.

VOS family also includes VOS 360 media processing SaaS, which utilizes the VOS SW Cluster solution, the VOS Engine and container-based software module. The VOS 360 offering is part of a growing line of SaaS offerings hosted, maintained and monitored by Harmonic that deliver the company's media processing and delivery technologies as a service.

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