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Octopus Spotlights Latest NRCS Software

Octopus Newsroom will debut version 8.1 of its newsroom computer system at the 2018 NAB Show in Las Vegas. Announced at IBC in September 2017 and now deliverable, this latest Octopus release adds a number of new features and improvements.

Among new features designed to increase newsroom efficiency are:

  • Enhanced assignment sorting and grouping.
  • Advanced clip and rundown management.
  • Rules-based archiving of social media content.
  • Live on-air insertion of social media posts.
  • Fast conform of rundown timing after a rehearsal.
  • Fast story editing.
  • Fast clip insertion/replacement.
  • Custom shortcuts allowing new slugs in a rundown to be created faster than ever.

Octopus Newsroom Version 8.1 also introduces drag-and-drop of emails to Topic from the most often used desktop email clients. Main menu items can now be color-coded on a freely customizable basis and repeatable assignments are now supported. In addition, the Journalist app can now record audio clips for easy attachment to the relevant story.

Social media integration, already a strong feature of Octopus, is enhanced with the ability to handle Facebook comments. Twitter posting now allows 280 characters instead of the former limit of 140 characters, and video can now be posted direct from Octopus to Twitter as well.

Among other new operational features are detachable notification widgets, the ability to display all named rundowns in the main menu, a default custom print form per menu item and the addition of user rights for MOS devices.

Compatible with Octopus 8.1, Octopus 8 and the most recent versions of Octopus 7, the Octopus Mobile app offers journalists full news production capabilities on tablets and mobile phones running Apple iOS or Google Android. Reporters and editors working remotely gain instant access to all wires, rundowns and assignments. They can also edit stories within a rundown, preview prompter text as well as create wires and reports in the field.

Octopus 8.1 software is now available as a free upgrade to existing customers with an active support contract.

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