Dalet Unveils IMF and Orchestrated Workflows

Dalet, a provider of solutions and services for broadcasters and content professionals, will showcase its enterprise media asset management and orchestration solutions at the 2018 NAB Show.

Company representatives will be available to discuss critical IMF and orchestration workflow trends within the content supply chain and specifically how Dalet solutions can manage and scale IMF package production and distribution, allowing facilities to lower costs and industrialize processes.

The company will spotlight its Dalet Galaxy MAM and Orchestration platform, which features a comprehensive set of tools to manage IMF packages for production, distribution and contribution. New enhancements allows users to easily import and preview IMF packages natively into Dalet WebSpace, visualize IMF structures and components with Dalet Context Maps, build versions and supplemental packages with Dalet Track Stack and Dalet Version Editor, and eventually wrap your compositions for distribution using a connector to an IMF-compliant transcode farm, such as Dalet AmberFin.

Dalet will also show a number of new workflows and solutions based around the company’s Media Asset Management (MAM) and Orchestration platform, Dalet Galaxy. They include:

Dalet Enterprise Content Supply Chain Management, which integrates content pools and orchestrates workflows across different verticals, such as programs, promos, news, sports, and entertainment. The solution provides a consolidated view of all media assets across the business with tools to easily connect, automate and optimize workflows from work orders to acquisition, production, packaging and distribution of content to multiple broadcast platforms and publishing systems. Delivered with Dalet Report Center, the solution offers critical analytics specifically tailored for your media operations.

The Dalet Galaxy software can be accessed from a variety of devices.

The Dalet Galaxy software can be accessed from a variety of devices.

Dalet Multiplatform Production & Distribution allows users to efficiently engage with their audiences across all available channels - broadcast, social and online. With an integrated, media-aware workflow engine, a metadata-centric model, collaborative production tools and smart contextual graphics, these solutions maximize collaboration, reduce complexities and automate low added value processes, enabling your teams to design new content experiences tailored for each audience and platform.

The Dalet Sports Content Management tool helps users make the most of their content, maximize game day coverage and enable new monetization opportunities. Combining fast-turnaround production tools for multi-cam ingest, logging, highlight creation, editing and multiplatform distribution, the Dalet Sports content solutions bring key plays into a multiplatform production workflow, so that they are easily leveraged across multiple shows and delivered to all devices.

Finally, the Dalet Unified News Operations tool combines all the essential functions for the latest-generation, innovative newsrooms. A comprehensive suite of collaborative, story-centric tools help streamline the entire chain of your news operations from planning to ingest, tagging and logging, editing, graphics, show scheduling, studio automation, multi-platform distribution and social platforms direct integration. Discover how this agile and scalable solution fully leverages the Dalet Workflow Engine to liberate your editorial teams from the traditional confines of linear, rundown-centric workflows.

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