2018 Logging and Compliance Trends - Part 2

Two types of people visit NAB Show exhibits, engineers and not-engineers. The not-engineers fly into Las Vegas, have some meetings and wander the exhibits for a day or two. Then there are the engineers who visit the show with specific needs, technical questions and approved budgets. These are the visitors you often see in exhibits on Thursday mornings, still asking serious questions.

The countdown to the 2018 NAB Show is on. At publication time, there are 1579 exhibitors across four exhibit halls that are open for 31 hours. This allows approximately a minute per exhibit if you want to see them all and don't take breaks.

The organized engineering visitor to NAB budgets valuable exhibit time to get the most from the trip. To overcome the overwhelming physical size and scope of the show, exhibit visit planning best begins with the entire exhibitor list. Cross off the exhibitors you don’t need to see and you won't risk forgetting anyone. Then, organize the remainder in each exhibit hall to minimize walking time.

If your 2018 interests and needs include Logging and Compliance, what follows completes our summary of 2018 NAB Show exhibits in that category that began with Part 1.

Phabrix will show and demonstrate its latest QC, compliance testing and fault diagnosis solutions hardware and software. The Qx series is a comprehensive toolset for rapid test and measurement of formats like IP, 4K/UHD and HDR/WCG. The Qx range offers advanced IP packet congestion analysis, as well as fast 12G physical layer testing, and sophisticated HDR/WCG visualization tools.

The Sx range offers hybrid IP/SDI testing and advanced physical later testing. The Rx series of rackmount analyzer/generators is best suited to broadcast applications that demand advanced capabilities like automated intermittent fault capture, and remote access from any location.

Qligent recently announced that its Qligent Match programmatic error detection solution will make its North American debut. Match is the latest software addition to the company’s flagship Qligent Vision cloud-based delivery analytics platform, and it will be on display, demonstrated and explained at the 2018 NAB Show.

Match is a real-time, automated solution that monitors by exception. It can mine, compare, and analyze a tremendous amount of data and relay just the most meaningful information to those responsible for the content’s brand reputation. It can quickly answer such questions as: Did the right show (or spot) play on the correct channel at the right time? Were the correct number of local ads inserted at the right time? Was foreign language audio assigned to the right audio track? Were any aspect ratio conversions injected, such as pillar bars or letter boxes?

Match finds programmatic discrepancies like these by decoding the transport- or IP-based stream back to baseband video and audio, and then comparing that to ancillary reference data that was captured of that program in its native state prior to distribution. When combined with other Vision modules, additional analysis can be conducted such as whether proper closed captioning was displayed, audio loudness compliance, whether intended watermarks were present, verification of proper DPI trigger insertion, and percentage-based quality degradation from the original material.

When Match detects a programmatic error or mismatch, it automatically alerts on-duty operators and/or notifies the administrator of the issue via email or SMS message. It also generates a video recording of the reference and monitored streams for side-by-side playback so broadcasters can easily verify exactly what went wrong and where. According to Korte, this in-depth analysis can only be effectively managed by an automated, purpose-built, cloud-based solution like Match on the Vision platform.

The Stirlitz Player runs on workstations and smartphones.

The Stirlitz Player runs on workstations and smartphones.

Stirlitz Media provides modern, fast and flexible software solutions for anyone who wants to capture, store or analyze broadcast (or monitoring quality) video, audio, and associated metadata; and access it from anywhere through a user-friendly Player that runs on workstations and mobile devices (iOS & Android).

Expect to see several new Stirlitz Media solutions at the 2018 NAB Show, including Logger 6, IP Multiviewer & MPEG TS Monitor. Also expect to see SML 6, the next generation of the well-known, software-based, multi-channel TV & Radio logger. The SML webPlayer runs on a phone. IP Multiviewer is a brand new, modern, light and fast software solution to display any number of channels in a mosaic on one or multiple screens. It runs on generic hardware with Windows OS and NVIDIA GPU. Display up to 16 HD or 30 SD per screen.

The MPEG-TS Monitor is a software-based solution to monitor any number of MPEG TS feeds. Stand-alone it allows for live monitoring of all vital parameters of MPEG-TS, from quality of delivery, through all elements of the stream, up to quality of metadata delivery – like subtitles or SCTE35.

Stirlitz Media TV & radio after-broadcast/compliance logging software is different from other solutions and friendly for non-tech users and engineers alike. It’s scalable, affordable, and rock solid. SML software runs on a standard Windows server (local or in the cloud), and is ideal for capturing single or multiple channels off MPEG TS over IP.

LA Playout integrated with Jünger Audio hardware ensures compliance and high quality of service.

LA Playout integrated with Jünger Audio hardware ensures compliance and high quality of service.

Tecom will be showing two new products for complete loudness control, LA Playout and LA Production. They are the result of the technological partnership between Tecom Group and Jünger Audio. Both applications are based on Tecom Group’s proprietary software tool - Loudness Analyzer. LA Playout integrates audio processors with playout automation systems to perform loudness analysis in a near real-time mode. It is designed to help broadcasters ensure compliance with international loudness standards and regulations. LA Production allows users not only to check loudness level, but also normalize files out of predefined standards before they go on air, using either Tecom Group certified algorithm or the unique Jünger Audio technology for loudness analysis and correction Level Magic.

Another solution developed by Tecom Group is a platform for a centralized network management called NEBO. Earlier this year the platform has been successfully deployed by GatesAir to monitor and log performance of its Intraplex IP Link audio codecs. The joint solution will be on display in the GatesAir NAB exhibit.

Tektronix will demonstrate the latest version of its Sentry automated Q/C system. Sentry is a comprehensive and scalable video and audio quality monitoring solution enabling facilities to deliver both linear and adaptive bitrate services with optimum quality while reducing operational costs.

Within the ABR workflow, Sentry is used from ingest all the way through the critical transcode process to perform comprehensive QoE analysis, artifact detection and compliance checks on each stream at each bitrate in real time. Sentry quantifies and compares video quality across profiles and provides IDR/EBP alignment verification and IDR/EBP presence/cadence.

Sentry is a digital ad insertion monitoring solution by combining real-time monitoring and alerting with historical auditing across the entire channel lineup in all advertising zones. Sentry provides extensive data to help engineers improve digital ad insertion on any platform.

VSNBROADREC integrates with different automatic content recognition technologies to offer innovative automatic content recognition solutions.

VSNBROADREC integrates with different automatic content recognition technologies to offer innovative automatic content recognition solutions.

The VSN VSNBROADREC is a highly reliable multi-channel ingest server system that allows for continuous, uninterrupted, media recording of video or audio sources. It can perform continuous (24/7) or scheduled recordings from any source, analog or SDI (SD-HD signals) or Transport Streams. Depending on the source signal it can reach up to 15 CH per server in 2U. Contents generated by VSN’s media recording software can be used for re-broadcasting, internal use, internet publishing, Video on Demand (VOD), DVD media recording and archiving.

Smart and cost-effective tool for TV channels’ legal compliance media recording. It records all broadcasted contents to internal hard drives 24×7. The Media Recording Software works autonomously and can keep contents for as long as the national laws require, deleting the content once this threshold is reached. Program segments can be exported to DVD directly from the application and to serve as proof for advertising auditing purposes, among other applications.

Audio Finger Print and Water Marking technology make it possible to build a detection platform for monitoring TV contents in real time, with applications for the auditing of advertising, copyright and electoral processes. ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) is the technology that automatically transcribes speech to text. This allows for word detection and transcription of digital content and using this information for locating relevant content or segments.

Stay tuned to The Broadcast Bridge for the latest updates in Logging and Compliance and other 2018 NAB Show exhibit categories.

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