2018 Logging and Compliance Trends - Part 1

It seems every year brings more broadcasting activities to log and archive, and more laws and regulations to comply with. The 2018 NAB Show is the only place in the world where all the available new technology to automatically log and comply with TV broadcasting regulations can be seen under one roof.

How long has it been since your TV station rotated through 21 VHS cassettes to log a week’s worth of broadcasting? VHS technology enabled 24/7 TV air-checks and archive logging, and digital technology has enhanced it.

In the days before home video recording, there were two running jokes around the TV station I was at. One was when a live mistake was made, the signal was halfway to the moon before anyone at home might notice. The other was to never point out a live mistake. TV was different when nobody could rewind it.

The following is a summary of information available for logging and compliance 2018 NAB Show Exhibitors A-M as of publication time. Logging and compliance 2018 NAB Show Exhibitors N-Z will be covered in Part 2. Not every exhibitor is prepared to reveal everything they plan to introduce quite yet. It’s possible a few leading-edge items might not be ready to announce until the night before exhibits open, if at all. Why point out a live mistake?

Actus Digital is expected to present the latest improvements of its Actus View, AdWatch, Alert Center, Loudness Monitoring and its Clip factory broadcast to OTT clip creation and publishing solution.

Most broadcasters would rather repurpose their live content to OTT in a fast, simple and cost-effective manner, than use the old legacy systems and professional editors. Clip factory ingests live broadcast content and enables immediate clipping, editing, transcoding and publishing to OTT and social platform of choice in a single tool. It expedites and automates the process, reduces time-to-OTT availability, increases monetization and improves the QoE for the viewers.

Clip Factory automatically identifies and marks beginnings and ends of ad breaks or programming boundaries and enables simple and frame-accurate inclusion / exclusion of each segment. By leveraging Clip factory integration with existing broadcast automation and playout systems, broadcasters can avoid manual intervention during the content repurposing process.

Upgrades to the Pige Antenne compliance recording system from Anywhere Video will be on display at the show. The Pige Antenne system records radio and audiovisual content including the source, closed captions, and up to eight audio tracks to digital media 24/7.

An intuitive browsing system lets users retrieve a sequence at any time to play specific content or export it to other media. Pige Antenne allows supervision of all ASI/SDI streams from a single screen, and it can create SD or HD video tiling in real time with multi-audio. Media is compatible with the DVB-T/DVB-S signal in ASI.

A new unified interface for the reviewing of both live and recorded media is incorporated through a web browser. A timeline area also allows operators to easily browse through the recorded media and have a better overview of the status of recordings, either now or in the past. Pige Antenne's highly secure hardware and software architecture guarantees total reliability.

Artec Technologies will display its newest XENTAURIX BroadcastLogger (XBL). XBL allows any number of channels and any number of days recording capacity to be stored, using the high-quality MPEG-2 or H.264 video codecs. XBL offers 100% broadcast accountability, channel scalability and long-term recording capacity.

Two BroadcastLogger systems are available. One is a standalone device with up to 16 channels. The other is a professional system with any number of channels. Both models include integrated hard disk arrays for the recording of video data, or external storage servers may be used. System redundancy ensures maximum reliability. 

XBL features “neverfail” reliability ensuring video & audio broadcast feeds are always recorded 24x7. It features web based content retrieval and secure access, allowing fast, easy material retrieval, validation and exporting for broadcast investigations.

Axon TRACS includes loudness monitoring and logging.

Axon TRACS includes loudness monitoring and logging.

Axon will show its latest generation TRACS (Transmission Recording and Compliance System) compliance recording and video logging system.

TRACS large hard-disk storage capacity and FIFO-based recording eliminates tape and the associated storage costs. Along with compliance recording and video logging TRACS is useful for company-wide air-check purposes and integrity checking of all outputs. TRACS also supports notification of video and audio errors via email and SNMP.

Axon has added Loudness monitoring and logging, driven by Emsytech Hummingbird Loudness Meters. Up to 8 stereo pairs are measured for Momentary Loudness (400ms), Short-term Loudness (3 seconds) and Integrated Loudness (Loudness measured over the last hour continuously). During live or playback of the recorded content, the Momentary, Short-term, and Integrated measurements are shown in audio bars, in sync with the video.

Cobalt Digital will be showing SpotCheck, it’s A/85 loudness measurement and logging tool.  SpotCheck monitors an IP, ASI, or a transmitted over-the-air MPEG stream at the transmit (emission) encode point, and measures and logs loudness for all programming emanating from the facility.

Segments can be searched using date/time with the intuitive display of loudness plots along with date-time-stamped thumbnails of the actual corresponding content. It can also be queried and correlated with the facility as-run automation list. SpotCheck readily pinpoints any segments that are out of CALM A/85 compliance, and conversely helps in documenting compliance should a complaint arise.

Cobalt Digital is the first U.S. manufacturer selected to license Technicolor’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) Intelligent Tone Management (ITM) technology for the broadcast television environment. Cobalt will make the Technicolor HDR ITM feature optionally available on its new series of 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI 4K cards for the openGear platform and on its BBG-1000 series of stand-alone units. The HDR license will also be available for certain versions of Cobalt’s 9902-UDX card, which are installed in hundreds of locations worldwide. This upgrade path not only adds value to customers’ Cobalt investment but also unlocks the potential to remonetize content for HDR distribution using existing hardware.

The Video Monitor window reports logging and duplication status, audio metering and framerate.

The Video Monitor window reports logging and duplication status, audio metering and framerate.

KLZ will demonstrate the KLZ VideoLogger. The VideoLogger is one-button, simple-to-start logging, that requires a few simple confirmations to stop. A separate log is automatically kept of all video logging interruptions.

The Video Player allows a user to view multiple clip sources at the same time. By opening a new player window and targeting a new video source, the user can watch a variety of video sources without closing the current viewing session.

The Video Clip List displays a log of the hourly recorded video segments. The Monitor program displays icons, which represent each of the sources being captured on the system. A Logging Status window displays the condition of the logging process including any error warnings.

A Duplication status window shows the process of transferring the captured video clips to a dedicated storage server. A Current Frame Rate (Frames per second) window displays the amount of video frames being captured by the video encoder.

A Mediaproxy window displays ATSC and EBU loudness compliance over time.

A Mediaproxy window displays ATSC and EBU loudness compliance over time.

Mediaproxy develops compliance recording systems for broadcasters worldwide, and is best known for its LogServer solution. Mediaproxy recently announced a partnership with TMD for fast access to large compliance archives. TMD is a leading provider of asset and workflow management systems for digital and physical assets.

The new partnership with TMD allows content, typically air-check recordings and metadata captured by Mediaproxy LogServer, to be automatically added to the TMD Mediaflex-UMS database. The same technology is now being used to provide a lightweight but highly functional recording of extended content, such as major sporting events and legislative proceedings. 

The result is Mediaflex-UMS driven software-defined workflows which will use Mediaproxy recorded content and metadata. Mediaflex users are also able to locate Mediaproxy assets by searching Mediaflex. Authorized users can search continuous broadcast compliance logs and air-check recordings to find specific content, references, and metadata to be used with all the power of Mediaflex workflows.

Coverage of the second half of the alphabet will be in 2018 Logging and Compliance Trends - Part 2, N-Z. Stay tuned for further updates.

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