MultiDyne Updates Bulk Fiber Transport System for Hot-Swappable Conversions at NAB 2018

MultiDyne Fiber Optic Solutions has added greater conversion capability to its VF-9000 fiber transport platform for bulk transport in advance of the 2018 NAB Show.

MultiDyne said the VF-9000 addresses the need for higher signal density, format flexibility and operational versatility in a fiber transport frame. It is available in 18- and 36-channel versions.

The higher signal density of the VF-9000 is especially useful for customers working in ENG, sports production and other applications with high channel counts. Users can support up to 36 video signal conversions across HD, 3Gb/s and 12G from one unit, with automatic configuration of all inputs and outputs based on several parameters.

For example, in dual-transmit mode, each front-panel optical module (SFP) immediately converts the two corresponding BNC copper connections on the back panel to video inputs. In dual-receiver mode, the corresponding BNCs automatically convert to video outputs. Transceiver SFPs are also supported for maximum operational flexibility.

From there, users can mix any combination of optical and copper connections to achieve the desired balance of inputs and outputs. The VF-9000 automatically recognizes the SFP module connections, and transitions to the proper configuration upon coming online. A robust multiplexer feature, effortlessly combines 18 signals over one single-mode fiber for efficient, high-density signal transport.

MultiDyne will demonstrate new hot-swappable flexibility that takes further advantage of the system’s card-based architecture. VF-9000 users can now replace any of the video with an Ethernet fiber converter, SYNC, HDMI-to-SDI, audio or data. Many additional fiber and non-fiber conversion cards will be available throughout 2018.

“Unlike similar fiber transport frames, the VF-9000 does not restrict users to video,” said Frank Jachetta, president, MultiDyne. “Our customers can easily mix in audio, Ethernet, reference and other data signals based on user specifications, and new for NAB we have enabled hot-swappable functionality for any card, SFP and power supply. That is a significant development and operational benefit for customers managing higher channel counts with scalable needs. Essentially, theVF-9000 fills a noticeable void that has long existed in bulk signal transport between mobile production trucks, studios, venues and other facilities.”

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