Sonifex Debuts “Passive Packs” For Audio Signal Processing

Sonifex will release a new range of products called “Passive Packs” at NAB 2018. The small utility products rely on transformers to change audio input, output impedance and levels to distribute audio signals. Because the devices are passive no power supply is required.

Sonifex will showcase new headphone amps and matching amplifiers at NAB 2018. The two headphone amplifiers are the CM-HPR1 and CM-HPX1. Both amplifiers allow the connection of a stereo balanced line to create a headphone output. The CM-HPR1 uses a RJ45 with StudioHub+ pinout and is transformer balanced, whereas the CM-HPX1 uses two female XLRs.

Other amplifiers include the CM-LUR1 and CM-LUX1, which provide balanced to unbalanced conversion. Both also convert a stereo balanced line input to a stereo unbalanced line output on phono connectors, with the CM-LUR1 using an RJ45 with StudioHub+ pinout and the CM-LUX1 using two female XLRs.

The CM-ULR1 and CM-ULX1 handle unbalanced to balanced audio signals. Both units convert a stereo unbalanced line input on phono connectors to a balanced line output, but the CM-ULR1 does this using an RJ45 with StudioHub+ pinout and the CM-ULX1 does so with two male XLRs.

Sonifex will also show its new AVN-PXH12 12 x 2 channel mix monitor, which can be used to simultaneously monitor and mix up to 24 AES67 AoIP sources in a compact 1U rack. The 24 audio sources can be selected from 4 discrete stereo analogue audio inputs (1 x front panel 3.5mm jack socket, 2 x rear panel 3.5mm jack sockets and 1 x rear panel stereo XLR input pair) or from any RAVENNA, AES67 or AES67-enabled Dante AoIP connected streams.

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