KLCS TV LA Selects Aveco Master Control Automation

Los Angeles TV station KLCS recently installed an Aveco master control automation along with an integrated MAM.

“KLCS initiated a 100 percent file-based workflow nearly fifteen years ago,” said Alan Popkin, Director of Engineering & Technical Operations for KLCS. “We have now embarked on a total rebuild of the station to leverage the new efficiencies available with the latest technologies available.

The station was among the first to deploy BXF 5.0 with Aveco and Myers ProTrack. The current KLCS system also includes the first Aveco Social Media Gateway deployed in the US.

The automation system enabled the staff to customize the automation to an existing workflow as opposed to having to change the workflow to match the automation requirements. And, the system is sufficiently versatile to accommodate any changes that might be needed as technology and work needs change.

The automation supports customized the interfaces, which was important to the KLCS staff. Other functions, such as setting AFD (Active Format Description) flags directly in the file, as opposed to sidecar files or database lookup, were equally key to maintaining an efficient workflow, especially with the many program formats the station must support.

The automation system provides multiple advanced features including a direct BXF 5.0 interface to the station's traffic system and the ability to use RSS to customize the station's outreach to station members based on the program schedule.

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