Telemetrics to Introduce Advanced Control Panel at NAB 2018

Telemetrics, a specialist in camera robotics, will introduce a new, more fully featured “Advanced” control panel – the RCCP-1A — designed for larger robotic broadcast studios at NAB 2018.

The new Telemetrics RCCP-1A adds unified controls to the existing RCCP-1 panel. The system, with optional studio software (the RCCP-1A-STS), includes Telemetrics’ reFrame Automatic Shot Correction technology that locks cameras onto the talent and automatically trims the shot… without the operator ever having to touch the controls.

The RCCP-1A-STS also enables users to store multiple shows, each with its own unique inventory of shots.

PT-HP-S5 Servo Pan/Tilt Head

PT-HP-S5 Servo Pan/Tilt Head

Telemetrics will spotlight introduce a lower cost addition to its series of robotic servo-controlled pan/tilt camera support systems, the PT-HP-S5 Servo Pan/Tilt Head. It is now part of Telemetrics’ fifth generation S5 camera control product portfolio.

Compared to the existing PT-LP-S5, the PT-HP-S5 is targeted at smaller production studios with limited budgets but still needing POV shots. It can accommodate any box-style camera and lens up to 40 pounds. Its also 4K-ready with embedded fiber connectivity as a standard feature.

Also to be demonstrated is the entry-level camera control unit, the RCCP-M. The RCCP-M offers a “Perspective” feature that allows users to take a picture with their cell phone, load it into the control panel and the system then automatically commands the camera to take that position.

This cost-effective control panel features a large full-color touch screen interface, integrated camera controls and a right or left modular joystick. The RCCP-M offers upgrade options, so users can transition to more advanced controls as the need arises.

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