PluralEyes for RED Cameras in Shooter Suite Update

Software developer Red Giant has released the latest update to its Shooter Suite, a collection of applications that give directors of photography and videographers the automation and workflow capabilities required to offload, analyse, touch up and synchronise digital media destined for post.

Headlining the 12.6.1 release is PluralEyes 3.5.5 support for RED camera media. This ensures users can sync multi-camera and dual-system audio production media shot on RED cameras in a matter of seconds. The update supports sync automation for spanned RED media, treating multiple files as a single logical clip. The update also enhances the overall export workflow and includes a new welcome video tutorial to help new users start using PluralEyes faster than ever before.

In addition, the Suite includes a number of improvements to the Offload, BulletProof and Instant 4K applications.

The release is free for existing 12.6 users or $399 for the full package. Existing Red Giant Shooter Suite users who fall outside the free update guidelines can update their existing applications for $99. The PluralEyes solo application is $79.

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