SmallHD introduces The 502 Daylight Camera Monitor

SmallHD’s new 502 Bright daylight-viewable on-camera monitor may be brighter than some of the scenes you’ll be photographing

SmallHD, the company that earned its seed money by winning the 2006 Doritos Super Bowl ad contest, is rounding out its line of super-bright monitors with the new 5-inch 502 Bright daylight viewable on-camera monitor.

“This monitor is so bright that when you are shooting outdoors your eyes don’t have to adjust from looking at the scene in front of you when you glance at the screen,” Mike Ashman. marketing manager at SmallHD told The Broadcast Bridge in an exclusive interview direct from North Carolina. “We’ve got some brilliant R & D guys who have figured out how to get this level of lumens while only drawing a maximum of 9 watts of power and not desaturating the color.”

Since the founders of SmallHD, Wes Phillips and Dale Backus, are videographers themselves, and built the video industry’s first on-camera HD monitors back in 2009, they have become known for building cleverly practical tools into them.

For example, with SmallHD’s latest software, version OS3, the 502 Bright provides waveform monitoring to compose an image. But for those who find the overlapping myriad of false colors confusing, the

502 Bright also features spot metering to indicate the exposure level of an isolated area of the image.

“If you bring this spot metering over someone’s face, it highlights that data in the waveform,” Ashman explained. “It lets you really nail the exposure for skin tone.”

The foundeers of SmallHD actually won the Dorito’s “Crash the Super Bowl” ad contest twice

The foundeers of SmallHD actually won the Dorito’s “Crash the Super Bowl” ad contest twice

The 502 Bright presents 100% of Rec. 709 color gamut on its 6.4-inch W by 3.4-inch H screen. With both HDMI and SDI inputs and outputs, the operator can quickly cross convert between the two video formats.

The monitor also features a new battery meter and the SmallHD Color Probe lets users calibrate its color without a computer.

Designed for rugged use, the 502 Bright features a milled aluminum frame and a Gorilla Glass protective screen.

It will begin shipping in February 2018.

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