Auralex Offers MAX Kits for Portable Acoustic Treatment

Auralex Acoustics has introduced new, portable MAX Kits for acoustic treatment on location.

Auralex said its “MAX” kits (shorthand for Mobile, Absorptive and “eXpandable”) allow users to reconfigure and tune their space for a wide variety of applications, providing ultimate flexibility in configuring a room. Three packages are available: VoxMAX, EditMAX and ProducerMAX kits.

Auralex portable treatments offer highly effective absorption for recording and performance applications in the studio, on stage, classroom or in the home. They are perfect for the recording pro on-the-go.

The VoxMAX Kit is designed for voiceover/vocal recording and instrument baffling. This kit can also be quickly positioned to address reflections within a small recording, monitoring or mixing environment.

The EditMAX Kit is designed as an easily configured baffling for recording and can also be quickly positioned to create an accurate monitoring environment for editing and mixing in spaces that mounted acoustical treatments are not desired.

The ProducerMAX Kit is a versatile and easily configured acoustical treatment solution for recording that can be quickly positioned to create an accurate monitoring and mixing environment.

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