Fostex Introduces Two New High-End Headphones

Fostex has debuted two new sets of audiophile-quality headphones, the T60RP ($299 - shipping February) and the TH-900mk2 Fifth Anniversary Limited Edition Sapphire Blue (No price, shipping Q2 2018).

The Fostex T60RP is the culmination of Fostex’s RP-technology headphones dating back to the mid 1970’s. The new T60RP has been modified and tuned especially for audiophile listening and features wooden cups and a balanced connection.

Fostex’s proprietary RP diaphragms feature a planar magnetic/orthodynamic design with wide frequency reproduction, superior transient characteristics and high input tolerance for an exceptional listening experience. The wooden housings, made of matte-finished African mahogany, add depth and character to the sound of the RP diaphragm.

The T60RP features a genuine leather head pad and newly developed circumaural (around-the-ear) ear pads offering an excellent fit and superior comfort for fatigue-free long-term listening. The newly-implemented, straight-type detachable connector conveniently fits standard unbalanced connections. Users can upgrade the T60RP with a variety of optional cables featuring different balanced connectors.

Fostex TH-900mk2

Fostex TH-900mk2

In late 2012, Fostex launched what would become its flagship premium audiophile headphone: the TH-900. A closed-back headphone with a unique biocellulose (bio-dynamic) driver design and a whopping 1.5 tesla magnetic circuit, the TH-900 pushed the boundaries of what was possible with a high-end headphone, becoming a go-to choice among the ranks of discerning audiophiles.

For 2018, Fostex celebrates the fifth anniversary of its TH-900 series with a limited-edition TH-900mk2. Finished with the same Urushi lacquer as the original TH-900, but in a deep “Sapphire Blue.”

As an “mk2” version, it also features the newly-implemented detachable connector that conveniently fits standard unbalanced connections and may be upgraded for balanced connections with a variety of different cables.

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