Brainstorm and to Release OnMedia

The OnMedia 3D graphics system combines Brainstorm Multimedia’s graphics engine with’s social media management capabilities to drive real time AR and VR graphics based on audience input.

As leaders of Project VisualMedia in the Europe 2020 Horizon framework program, Brainstorm Multimedia and will be releasing their new OnMedia system at the upcoming BVE in London (Feb 27 to March 1) and our own NAB Show in Las Vegas (April 7 to 12).

OnMedia combines Brainstorm’s leading technology in real time 3D graphics with’s mastery of social media management to build a comprehensive system for creating virtual and augmented reality 3D graphics driven by social media feeds.

Francisco Ibañez, R&D projects director at Brainstorm Multimedia told The Broadcast Bridge during an exclusive interview direct from Madrid, that Brainstorm has built templates inside its proven InfinitySet graphics engine that can be populated with hash tag data gathered by’s social media engine.

“This information can come from any of the social media networks,” Ibañez said, ‘from Facebook to Twitter, and from Google to MySpace. The operator selects the desired input channels, and OnMedia scoops up the data.”

Then various filters can be applied to sort the data as needed to select, say, only female responders or just opinions from teenagers.

This gets formatted into pre-set 3D graphic templates through OnMedia and inserted live into the virtual set on the screen.

“You can display video, just text or data or any combination, and edit it to fit your requirements,” Ibañez said. “Since OnMedia is a self-contained, standalone system, it does not require tying up other technical assets in your studio.”

OnMedia can also be used to generate data by sending out its own polls.

OnMedia can also be used to generate data by sending out its own polls.

This data display can go far beyond bar graphs or pie charts.

The system can also send out questions to poll those social media networks with specific questions that will enhance the programming at hand. Ibañez feels this will go a long way toward enhancing brand loyalty by making audiences identify personally with the programming.

In a broadcasting world where second screen viewing is increasingly important, OnMedia can simultaneously output to handheld devices.

While announcing OnMedia, Scott Davies, CEO of commented, “This goes far beyond the desirable requirement of live social data in visually dynamic TV formats, end-to-end social content management and customization. (With OnMedia) publishing to both 3D TV graphics as well as second screen environments can be achieved quickly and simply.”

OnMedia was developed in conjunction with 6 television channels, including:

  1. RTVE - Corporacion de Radio y Television (Spain)
  2. Setanta Sports Channel (Ireland)
  3. BlueSky - Genikes Radiotileoptikes Epixeiriseis (Greece)
  4. SRTV - Societatea Romana de Televiziune (Romania)
  5. BR - Bayerischer Rundfunk (Germany)
  6. Hallindollen (Norway)
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