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Vintage Cloud Steenbeck To Digitize Swedish Collection

Swedish archive house Armé-Marin och Flygfilm [Army, Navy and Air Force film/AMF] has ordered a 16mm Vintage Cloud Steenbeck to digitize its film collection.

The AMF is one of the oldest collections of film in the world and is also one of the earliest producers of film in Sweden.

“The AMF is a goldmine for researchers on military history with its unique collections,” says Peter Nordström, Head of Department at AMF. “With more than 10,000 film titles and 30,000 film boxes, on both military and civilian activities, the AMF is one of the greatest and oldest collections in the world. Our main task is to increase the knowledge of Swedish defense and security and its history as well as stimulate research. We also want to make our historical film archives accessible to both the general public and to researchers. We believe the Steenbeck Digitizer can make an important contribution to our work.”

The Vintage Cloud Steenbeck Digitizer is claimed as the only system capable of digitizing up to 4K resolution at up to 60 fps, “and is therefore 3-5 times less costly per digitized hour than other systems” reckons the vendor. “It is highly tolerant of broken perforations, fragile splices, warped and brittle film, and is also capable of handling shrunken film via a special capstan sprocket.”

The machine also benefits from Smart Indexing from, an machine learning-based capability that brings speed and accessibility to metadata – transforming the value of the asset. Using a keyframe every three seconds. Smart Indexing is capable of delivering a tagging result in a fraction of a second and to automatically recognize over 11,000 objects, scenes, events – even human emotions – “with an accuracy that is equal to, or better than, that of a human”.

“Whether it is to preserve something that is culturally and historically valuable, or whether it is to unlock the monetary value in archive assets, the Steenbeck film archive digitization system is already proving itself in environments as diverse as commercial enterprises such as TV production companies on the one hand, and national film and sound archives on the other,” says Peter Englesson, CEO of Vintage Cloud. “We’re delighted that AMF has placed this trust in us to help it achieve its mission.”

In addition to its own films, the AMF - which was founded in 1920 - also handles an archive of films from the country’s defence forces at the request of the Military Record Office as well as from several other organizations and companies such as the National Police Board, the Bernadotte Academy, Coop and private film companies such as Scandinature Film and Mirakel Film & TV.

In the AMF archive are classical films from the beginnings of cinema such as “L’arrivée d’un train à La Ciotat” from 1895 by the Lumière brothers. There are Swedish, American, German and Russian propaganda movies and the entire Swedish military film treasure from the beginnings of the 20th century up to modern times. There are also numerous civilian films.

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