Gearhouse Broadcast Deploys Net Insight Remote Production Technology In Australia

Global production company Gearhouse Broadcast has deployed a Net Insight Remote production 2.0 IP video delivery platform at its Australian remote broadcast center in Melbourne.

As part of a joint partnership, Net Insight's Nimbra media transport platform team will support Gearhouse Broadcast with offsite consulting, design and pre-configuration of the Remote production 2.0 solution as well as onsite support for the duration of the project in Australia.

Net Insight's Remote production 2.0 platform facilitates an end-to-end controlled solution over any network and bandwidth, introducing efficient workflows resulting in significant resource savings for both large and small live events. Net Insight is a veteran provider of streaming, media transport and resource scheduling technology.

During the month of January 2018, more than 80 feeds—including live camera, video audio, intercom and data feeds—are being transported between client venues, Gearhouse Broadcast's remote broadcast center, and client premises in Melbourne.

Gavin Romanis, Business Development Director at Gearhouse Broadcast Australia, said this is the first time that JPEG2000 compression is being used in Australia to transport all feeds, which allow the different crews to remotely produce a live event.

“Our joint remote production solution that we are delivering together with Gearhouse Broadcast offers next generation sports broadcast production very cost-efficiently,” said Fredrik Tumegård, CEO of Net Insight. “And it enables them to introduce highly efficient workflows to deliver more, engaging TV content to viewers and thereby keep them as customers.”

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