Tiffen Shows Steadicam M-1 Rig With Volt Auto Horizon Assist

Tiffen is demonstrating the new Volt auto horizon assist for its top of the line Steadicam M-1 rig at BSC Expo at Pinewood Studios in London.

Tiffen’s Volt is a small motorized add on to the gimbal that brings an effective

horizon assist for the operator. The Steadicam operator has to contend with many forces that would tend to push the horizon off level, like wind gusts, cables pulling and uneven ground. That is part of the skillset for operators to deal with these issues.

Experienced operators say that keeping the horizon steady is something they have learned to do over their years of operation. However, the Volt quickly restores the skill for newcomers with the huge learning curve.

Tiffen’s new generation NATural Neutral Density Filters provide perfect neutrality across the visual and IR spectrum resulting in natural skintones and outstanding color fidelity. Manufactured in the USA utilizing the patented Tiffen Color Core, these glass filters represent a new generation of ND and IRND filtration.

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