V-Nova Launches P-Link Contribution Encoder And Decoder at Cabsat 2018

UK video compression technology vendor V-Nova is showing its latest codec, the P.Link multichannel contribution encoder and decoder, at CABSAT.

The product exploits the existing compression and computational algorithms of V-Nova’s Perseus codec, which it claims delivers the best video quality per bit of any contribution intra encoder. This enables operators to trade-off between lower costs, higher video quality and more services per network link, or combinations of these, according to the company.

P.Link is described as a software defined system, which means it can be configured as required for each production run, while supporting uni and bi-directional workflows, in a mix of HD and Ultra HD formats. More specifically P.Link supports 80 Mbps for HD and 200 Mbps for UHD in visually lossless intra contribution, if needed at MPEG temporal bandwidths. It also supports dynamic multiplexing, which means that statistical multiplexing can be employed within an intra contribution network. Statmuxing is more commonly implemented on the distribution side.

V-Nova formally launched its first Perseus codec for video contribution and then distribution in April 2015, aiming to disrupt the codec field by outperforming the emerging HEVC. The P-Link brand first appeared a year later when V-Nova announced the P.Link HD package developed jointly with video transport technology firm Elber at NAB 2016, but at that stage without statmux support.

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