Sandisk Shows One Terabyte USB-C Memory Stick

As certain as death and taxes, memory capacity keeps exploding. Sandisk showed a new USB-C flash drive holding a massive 1TB of data.

Sandisk said the device is the world’s smallest USB key of this capacity. The company showed a working prototype at CES, though they did not announce pricing or availability.

External SSDs are gradually starting to take over from spinning metal drives, as manufacturers introduce them. Prices, however, remain higher than hard drives.

Samsung T5

Samsung T5

Samsung released its T5 external SSD with USB 3.1, Generation 2 support. It offers up to 540 MB/S transfer speed, is bus powered and in one and two gigabyte capacities. Prices range between $129.99 and $799.00.

The iStorage diskAshur 2 combines an SSD in capacities of up to 4TB with hardware encryption and protection against physical tampering. At 4.88 x 3.31 x 0.79-inches, the diskAshur 2 is larger than Samsung’s T5, but weighs only 6.35 ounces.

The casing is rubberized, with water and dust resistance to IP56. The dust rating should keep out any harmful particles and the water rating is good against high pressure jets from any direction.

iStorage diskAshur 2.

iStorage diskAshur 2.

Capacities available are 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB and 4TB. A USB drive supporting USB 3.1, the diskAshur 2 has a short built-in cable. iStorage said the devices have read speeds of up to 294Mbps and write of 319Mbps. The key feature is security, which the company describes as military-grade. The drive is protected with a PIN of between 7 and 15 digits.

The drive is also protected against physical attack. The SSD is encased in epoxy resin inside a tamper-proof external case, and monitors for physical attack. Any attempt to tamper with the drive results in it being automatically erased. Prices range from $174 for the 128GB model to $2,374 for the 4TB model.

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