SeaChange Pumps Adrenalin into Liberty Global

Cable operator Liberty Global has gone to California based SeaChange for video services software to support its latest hybrid Horizon 4 services.

The operator says the software will play a key role in the virtualized video platform underpinning its Horizon services and help speed up development and deployment of new features.

SeaChange is supplying its Adrenalin multiscreen video software, which will provide content information and transaction support for Liberty Global’s subscribers across both broadcast and IP video delivery networks on the latest Horizon set-top boxes (STBs). According to SeaChange, Adrenalin’s flexibility helps each affiliate independently deploy and control its own multi-vendor platform and editorial catalogues, while at the same time gaining the operational efficiencies of shared visualized resources.

“SeaChange’s Adrenalin video solution enables video delivery at the massive scale needed to support customers such as Liberty Global,” said Ed Terino, SeaChange’s CEO.

Olivier Philippe, Vice President of Entertainment within Liberty Global, added, “We have had a long relationship with SeaChange as a key technology provider within our video ecosystem. Our selection of SeaChange as a key part of our video platform reflects their continued development of leading video delivery technologies.”

Liberty Global is one of the world’s largest international TV and broadband companies, although concentrated mostly in Europe.

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