Object Matrix and DataFrameworks Team for Storage

DataFrameworks and Object Matrix have launched a file and object storage solution which combines DataFrameworks’ ClarityNow file management software with Object Matrix’s MatrixStore.

This combination is said to give users an easy overview of their archive as well as the ability to “manage petabytes of otherwise unstructured digital content data across both Object Matrix MXFS (MatrixStore File System) file and S3 object interfaces.”

Jonathan Morgan, CEO of Object Matrix, added: "Organizations today are drowning in unstructured data. The resulting complications are especially pronounced in industries with a high dependence on technical based workflows, such as media and entertainment. This solution is aimed at addressing these challenges and the impact of escalating storage costs, workflow inefficiencies and increased operational expenses.

“The solution reduces both the operating and capital costs connected with managing large amounts of high-resolution workflow and rich content across complex storage environments. In addition to allowing customers to appropriately tier data across the infrastructure, the combined solution allows businesses to provide higher levels of service to internal users while automating many of the routine tasks associated with data management.”

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