Think Tank Introduces a Larger Version of its Airport Advantage Roller Case

Think Tank Photo has debuted the Airport Advantage Plus, a larger sized version of its wheeled Airport Advantage camera case.

Think Tank said the new bag adds a special “clothing optional” divider that creates space for the users personal effects as well as equipment. The bag was designed to maximize gear for carry-on and meets most U.S. and International airline carry-on requirements.

The multi-used bag has a front pocket that fits up to a 17-inch laptop and 10-inch tablet or an Eagle Creek Medium Clothing Folder for overnight trips. A custom-designed retractable handle with inset channel on aluminum tubing is for added strength and durability. A side pocket for tripod mount or water bottle is included.

Height is increased by 2.5-inches and the width is increased by one inch over the earlier Advantage bag. The bag fits on larger planes but not commuter jets. An extra tall handle height keeps the bag away from the feet when rolling.

The bag weighs 6.9 pounds and is priced at $289.75.

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