​Object Matrix Enables Transatlantic Storage For Mediapro

Spanish content provider, Mediapro, has implemented MatrixStore, from Object Matrix to improve efficiency and global collaboration.

Tasked with delivering 12 channels, as well as live coverage of La Liga football, Mediapro turned to European Object Matrix reseller Unitechnic to help unite its global offices to introduce new efficiencies. Unitechnic implemented MatrixStore.

In this initial phase, MatrixStore has been integrated for Mediapro’s entire production storage and will also become the parking area for the playout department to improve overall security of media as well as enhanced collaboration between departments. The next phase will see the Mediapro US and European facilities connect, leveraging the native replication function inside MatrixStore for business continuity projects.

MatrixStore is described as a Digital Content Governance and object storage solution platform that provides its customers with intelligent workflows that can securely store, audit and track content. 

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