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​Cantemo Launches Hybrid-Cloud Media Management Hub, iconik

Cantemo has launched Iconik, described as a cloud-based hub for video management. It enables the access, review, edit, and approve content, regardless of geographic location.

Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo explained: “Over recent years, there’s been a distinct shift in the way video content is consumed by viewers. What we have now is video produced for multiple platforms and devices, in several formats, for separate audiences. It’s a real management headache, and most existing solutions aren’t built for this new generation of video. iconik is designed to fill the gap in the market for a flexible solution that can work for everyone producing media assets.”

Iconik is a hybrid solution in which content need only reside in the cloud when necessary, otherwise being securely stored on-premise.

It can integrate with Cantemo’s media management solution, Portal, or operate as a stand-alone system or integratation with a number of third-party solutions.

It uses AI to automatically tag video and image content upon ingest and “can intuitively suggest content to the user based on trends and previous searches.

The solution further “aggregates video assets from multiple locations, making them accessible from one platform. Colleagues in multiple geographic locations can view assets within proxy workflows, complete with entire metadata descriptions, to simplify content sharing. 

“External stakeholders can also be extended access to the collaborative process via an email link. From there, timecode-based commenting ensures the review process is efficient and asset approval is simple. At the same time, access levels can be predetermined for each user on an asset-by-asset basis to maintain security.”

A virtually an unlimited number of users can be registered with one subscription.

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