Dolby Certifies R&S PRISMON

Rohde & Schwarz just announced that its software-based monitoring and multiviewer solution, RRISMON has passed all Dolby Laboratories certification tests.

The Rohde & Schwarz PRISMON enables broadcasters and streaming service providers to monitor a wide variety of media formats with resolutions up to UHD/4K. Dolby Laboratories has now comprehensively and successfully tested and approved the system for decoding Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby E codecs.

R&S PRISMON was evaluated for the following features: support of all defined audio channel configurations up to 7.1, web browser user interface, input via ASI transport stream and SDI, display of Dolby metadata.

R&S PRISMON monitors content transport in both legacy and modern IP-based environments, up to UHD/4K. In addition to all relevant protocols and standards for classical and IP-based transport of SDI signals, it supports a comprehensive set of protocols for OTT/streaming scenarios. As well as relevant classical video formats and standards, it also supports modern mezzanine formats.

Both hardware- and cloud-based deployments of R&S PRISMON provide the same set of powerful capabilities and features.

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