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Lynx Technik Shows App-Based Signal-Processing Future

At the InterBee 2017 Show in Japan, Lynx Technik AG, a provider of software-defined modular interfaces for signal processing applications, showed its new greenMachine titan, which is a software-defined platform that instinctively grows as production demands require.

Lynx has developed an entire ecosystem around greenMachine, called greenUniverse, which is a dashboard-like visualization and organization tool that provides a global view of the virtual greenMachine system—from a single system all the way to hundreds of units. The system supports virtually unlimited scalability.

With greenUniverse software, users can look at their entire software infrastructure from a single UI—including hardware installed and the applications and constellations (groups of apps) designed by the user. The greenUniverse then allows users to pan and zoom around their system, from a distant global view all the way down to the intricate signal paths, connections and controls, all with the click of a mouse.

In anticipation of Japan’s intent to broadcast 8K by the 2020 Olympic Games, the greenMachine titan offers a 12G/4K solution wrapped around the three-pronged approach of powerful processing hardware, downloadable apps, and special software that serves as the intelligence behind the applications and system.

Lynx Technik said it has committed extensive resources into developing application-based broadcast signal processing and its greenMachine’s 4K and 8K software-defined platform, which is well suited to future high-resolution broadcasts and will help customers migrate from HD to 4K and eventually 8K production.

At the show, Lynx also demonstrated its yellobrik line of 12G and 4K fiber solutions for transmitting and receiving of 4K-over-fiber up to 20km (over 12 miles). The yellobrik solutions are rugged throw-down bricks or rack-based solutions for applications ranging from OB production, studios, fly-away kits, and so much more.

The product line-up offers a range of solutions including fiber receivers, transmitters and transceivers, as well as 4K fiber transmission kits. There’s also a series of new 12G for 4K/UHD video distribution amplifiers (DA) that were on display at the show. These DAs input any signals whether SD/HD SDI, 3G SDI or 12G SDI for feeding multiple pristine reclocked outputs to devices across a facility.

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