AceCore Technologies B.V

AceCore Technologies is based in the Netherlands and started their business as end users to value add cinema solutions for the creative industry.

We started that company out of love for filming and flying with a team of dedicated professionals. With professionals in both parts of the expertise we found a perfect combination.

Even with more than 17 years of experience in the remote controlled business we found out that there was not one product of the shelf good enough for the aerial cinematography industry.

We have carried out thousands of hours of R&D in order to deliver quality images that professionals expect. A red line “a solution that works and last”.

After 2 years of pioneering and testing it was time to say goodbye to the existing solutions from a variety of good willing suppliers. We started cooperations with top end suppliers and some even military grade experts.

With the launch of the NEO UAS a new breakthrough has been reached in terms of safe aerial solutions combined with beauty.

We proudly designed a functional, safe and beautiful UAS, which is very popular in the creative, industrial and security market.

The possibilities what you can create with the NEO are limitless.