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Photon Beard Ltd

Photon Beard Ltd is a leading specialist manufacturer of lighting equipment known worldwide for their strength, reliability and versatility. All Photon Beard products are individually hand-built to the highest standards.

Our products are in use around the world, with our luminaires operating in studios from the West Coast of the US to Hong Kong.

Photon Beard manufactures a family of Tungsten Fresnel luminaires for use in both the studio or ENG (Electronic News gathering) applications.Our Tungsten Fresnel range is lighter and brighter than those of our competitors and our new IgbT dimmers provide silent dimming for ENG applications and for studios with no space for dimmer rooms. We recently launched our Wi Light system, which provides affordable and reliable wireless DMX distribution designed specifically for the small-to-medium-sized TV studio.

Our Highlight range form the foundation of a fluorescent lighting system.

All are available with manual operation or pole operation stirrups.

Our Nova range of plasma lighting has gone through a major redesign over the past few months and the result is a unique approach to the implementation of plasma lighting for TV and film.

Our our first LED luminaire is the PhotonBeam 80 LED. Using remote phosphor technology which offers near full spectrum, high CRI light output we have adapted our PhotonBeam 800W Redhead to offer an 80W LED solution.