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Building its reputation on providing unbreakable storage, Amplidata was founded in 2008 in Lochristi, Belgium and now also has US offices in Redwood City, California. Company founders Wim De Wispelaere and Wouter Van Eetveide reportedly wanted to go some way in solving the failings of high capacity disk storage system, including performance, bit rate errors and RAID rebuild times. To deal with these problems Amplidata produced the Optimised Object Storage system, which can be built up into big online storage configurations that are reliable but also economic.

A key part of this is Amplidata Distributed Storage, based on the company's BitSpread encoding technology. This is claimed to give the scalability of RAIN (Redundant Array of Independent Nodes) arrays while being substantially more reliable, in the region of ten thousand times, than RAID ( redundant array of independent disks) systems. Though this technology Amplidata storage can be built up in tens of Petabytes, while needing 50 to 70 percent less capacity and power, making it 90 percent cheaper than existing technologies.

Amplidata's latest product is Himalaya, which is designed to give users the basis for creating even bigger scaled storage systems. It is intended to be the basis of cloud services, combining flexibility with the ability to manage zettabytes of data and trillions of stored objects. In June 2014 Verizon Enterprise Solutions announced that it would used Himalaya for its cloud storage.