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Prosup is a company that is registrated as a design agency of lightweight mechatronic constructions for (especially) camera support industry.The package we offer is very variable and flexible.

Design of lightweight constructions
Worked out in complete 2D compositions of the required products from which we can make production drawings. A brief part list with appellations of suitable materials is being delivered. Possible special surface treatment are mentioned.

Visualisation & Animation

Worked out design in 3D which you can use for your WEB-site or possible brochures. Can be composed in several colours.

Production drawings, part lists & update
Complete worked out products. All parts are specifically exposed. Complete part lists with colour codes, surface treatment etc. Updating of drawings and part lists.

At the manufacturing of prototypes we work together with a selected group of subcontractors with their own specialisations to get a good functional product at the end.

Electronics development
Specialised in development of electronics and software for embedded systems with in house EMC/CE-expertise for any kind of functions related to communication, motion control and dedicated control.

Embedded technology
High performance and flexibility by use of advanced technology like the latest embedded microcontrollers and software. The latter can be adapted to special wishes and updated on site.

Assembly manual
When required we can set up a manual wherein all the assembly specifications are worked out.

Production and Assembly

Set up of a production line to a complete assembled product. Ready for shipment with a clear delivery schedule.

Special projects & events
Put together and producing of particular camera positions for big events.(Think about the Olympics, Common Wealth and Big Brother etc.).