ARET Video and Audio Engineering

ARET is a complete provider of broadcast facilities, turnkey video and audio integrated systems for broadcast, cable, satellite, production/post production and mobile television, industry and medicine.

ARET plays an important role as equipment distributor for many important brands in Italy and abroad.

Turnkey services include consultancy, architecture, engineering design, systems design and integration, program and project management, testing, commissioning, training and after sales support. In this context ARET, thanks to the confidence placed by many important networks since 1976, can boast of more than 400 OB Vans and vehicles.

ARET strength comes from the complete flexibility and custom design approach but also from imagination, creativity, ergonomics and care for the smallest detail in order to create solutions that meet our clients needs now and in the future.

  • Turnkey ENG/EFP OB Vans and vehicles
  • Turnkey SNG OB Vans
  • Turnkey Radio OB Vans
  • Turnkey System integration for TV production and post production studios, radio studios
  • Turnkey System integration for master control rooms
  • Turnkey System integration for digital workflow management
  • Broadcast System expanding and updating
  • Conference centers
  • Broadcast furniture
  • Design and commissioning of fiber optic systems
  • Video Application to Industry
  • Video Biomedical Applications
  • Equipment distribution
  • Custom electrics and electronics

ARET field of action and market have expanded in Europe, Middle East, Far East and Africa through definition of commercial partnerships.

On the other hand ARET acts as a distributor for a complete line up of broadcast equipments, from routers to converters, distribution amplifiers, monitors, SPGs, TSGs, video servers, fiber optic equipments, meters, colour correctors, character or logo generators, instruments, software for graphics, audio mixers and everything is needed to give customer a solution tailored on his needs.

Those selected brands allow ARET to be flexible and cost effective in all the projects suggesting to customer a tailored solution instead of a “all one brand” solution.