Creative Storage Conference 2018

Visit the one-day Creative Storage Conference and make valuable connections and to understand and participate in the latest trends and requirements for digital storage to serve creative minds and create new and growing markets.

Media and Entertainment is embracing IP-workflows and cloud storage. Flash memory is starting to be used for post production and other applications. All this is needed to provide enough storage and performance for 4K, 8K, HDR and multi-camera (e.g. 360-video) projects while keeping costs under control. In media and entertainment, digital storage is taking off.

8 Sessions and 4 Keynotes Spread Over the Day Cover:

  • There’s an IP in my workflow: Digital Storage for modern 8K/4K, HDR, VR Content Creation and Post Production
  • The Real State of Virtual Reality: What does it take to be successful?
  • What is the Best Bus for Your Workflows to Ride?
  • Collaboration in the Clouds: Storing and Delivering Content Where it is Needed
  • Rise of the Machines: Machine Learning Enables the Future of Asset Management, Metadata and Security in Media and Entertainment
  • Preserving Digital Content—the Challenges, Needs, and Options
  • The Front Lines of Media and Storage

Why you should attend!

  • Don't miss this 12th Annual conference on Creative Storage!
  • Hear how major media equipment suppliers and entertainment industry customers use digital storage technology in all aspects of content creation and distribution.
  • Find out the role that digital storage plays in new content distribution and marketing opportunities for a rapidly evolving market.
  • See presentations on digital storage in digital acquisition and capture, non-linear editing and special effects.
  • Find out how to convert and preserve content digitally and protect it in long-term dependable archives.
  • Learn about new ways to create and use content metadata, making it easier to find and use.
  • Discover how to combine and leverage hard disk drives, flash memory, magnetic tape and optical storage technology with new opportunities in the digital media market.
  • Be at the juncture of digital storage and the next generation of storage for the professional media market.
  • Meet folks that can help you further your business and your career as well as future collaborators!

June 7th, 2018 - DoubleTree Hotel, Culver City, California.