Altronic Research Inc.

A leader in product development, Altronic Research was the first to design and produce a water cooled coaxial load resistor (dummy load). We continue to innovate, recently introducing our convection cooled resistor loads, ideal for IBOC applications. Also our air cooled RF coaxial load resistor (dummy load) for UHF Digital HDTV, which uses our own advanced tuning techniques (patent pending). Altronic Research actively seeks customer input for product improvements and the development of new products.Our company's reputation for excellence and integrity is supported by honors we have received, such as the national Presidential E-Star Award for Excellence in Exporting and yearly Quality Awards in our home state. Manufacturing processes are closely controlled and are ISO 9000 compliant. Altronic's business philosophy is Total Quality Management, from monitoring our own performance to strategic planning and results measurement.