Automate-IT develops a data-driven customised video generation platform (Automate-IT factory) and video collaboration solutions (share-IT) for the content creation industry. The Company focuses on offering streamlined production solutions, to simplify and optimise video and graphics sophisticated workflows.

Media Companies who need to produce massively sophisticated trailers, promote and cross promote programs for their different brands and channels, in multiple languages, manage different time zones, and enhance the overall quality of content going to air should turn to Automate-IT to help them solve these challenges.

The technology developed by Automate-IT is used extensively by promo and creative teams around the world to generate videos with graphics automatically, and connect the creative departments efficiently with the rest of the production environment.

Our products are heavily used 24/7 by leading media groups such as Arte, Canal+ International, Red Bee Media (part of Ericsson), Eurosport-Discovery, France Télévisions, INA, NBC Universal, Orange OCS, Orange OPTV, RTL Group, The Walt Disney Company, TF1, SVT, DOCK10.